About Us

The Carlton Business Association (CBA) is a dedicated network of local businesses and citizens, linked together through a periodic newsletter, an active website, many Carlton events and quarterly membership meetings.
The CBA was formed in late 2007 and functions as a 501(c)6 organization, headed by a Board of Directors.  The Carlton City Manager sits on the Board as an Ex-Officio Member.
2018 Carlton Business Association Board & Officers:

Past President - Mike Larson - MikeLarsonCC@gmail.com 

President - Carrie Simonson - Carrie@KenWrightCellars.com 

Vice President - Julie Rabung - Julie@AlaskaAccounting.com 

Secretary - Sandy Schultz - SSchultz@FirstFedWeb.com  

Treasurer - Christine Metz Andrus - CMetzA@gmail.com 

Director - Joylin Kent - Joylin@KenWrightCellars.com 

Director - Melissa Jensen - legacyimages@wildblue.net  

Director - John Adkinson - jcadkinson27@gmail.com 

Director - Meg Ordaz - Meg@TroonVineyard.com 

Director - Franchot Hutchinson - Franchot.Hutchinson@American-National.com 

Director - Sue Stein - SueInnkeeper@frontier.com 

Director - Heidi Larson - HeidiLarson89@gmail.com 

As of January 2018, the CBA has more than 50 business and individual members. With funding from memberships and sponsors, several operating committees work to further develop and promote the organization and the business community.
Our Members enjoy the benefits of combined marketing to promote the Carlton area, networking with local businesses, and involvement in committees that promote events which increase customer traffic and establish downtown Carlton as a destination for the local community and for our many visitors.
The CBA works in partnership with the City of Carlton to promote the town’s economic vitality, while preserving its civic, cultural and historic well-being.  As our economy grows, this development fosters a vibrant community in which to live, work, visit and enjoy!

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